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Schedules can be from 8 pages upwards, in multiple of 4 pages, one page is a single A5 and any number can be ordered, there is no minimun order, all schedules will be produced providing economical use of the pages, and we have two standard formats for the classification pages – a) using the full class title i.e. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Open or b) using class code.
Schedules can have a coloured cover of your choice. Proof copy can be made available should you so wish – however, a little longer is required for turnaround and all amendments should be marked in BOLD and preferably in RED ink.

We require a closing date of 3 – 4 weeks depending upon the size of the show, for processing and printing to ensure delivery/or collection of catalogues during the week prior to the show.

It is a good idea when preparing the entry form to offer exhibitor’s to pre-order a catalogue – to give you an idea of how many catalogues you require for your show.


Catalogues are from 8 pages upwards, in multiple of 4 pages, one page is a single A5. A catalogue made up from 10 A4 sheets is a 40 page catalogue, you will be charged for the number of pages the catalogue makes which of course, is dependent upon the number of classes scheduled, the entry of dogs received, any adverts, lists of trophies, notices etc. There is no minimum order – you can order as many as you feel you require for your show.

All our catalogues are produced with personalised covers with your own Society’s logo giving a quality copy and can have a coloured cover if you so wish.

Advertising in the Catalogue is a good way to offset the cost of your printing as long as the price is realistic, otherwise you may find that the Society is subsidising the advert. We may make a nominal charge (£2.00) per page advert to typeset adverts into your catalogue depending upon the number of adverts required.

Judges Books

Judges Books are supplied for each judge with a card cover – colour co-ordinated to your catalogues, personalised with the Society name, Date and type of Show, Judges name and classes to be judged.
Each page is headed with the class number, judge’s name, breed and class, and has the entries listed for each class.

Ring Numbers

Ring Numbers - no minimum order is required, they are supplied pre-numbered in accordance with the number of dogs entered at your show.

Steward Cards

Steward cards can also be supplied if so required – printed A4 size, and can be printed on both sides.

Prize Cards

Prize cards are available in two sizes A5 or A6. No minimum number required. Printed with Society name and can include club logo or design if required. We do not print the date of the show – so any surplus to requirements can be rolled over to another show to save on costs.

Award Boards

Award Boards are available in two sizes A2 or A3. No minimum number required.

Pre-Paid Catalogue List

We provide a free list of all pre-paid catalogues ordered for the show.

Laminated Signs

We can produce laminated signs in either A4 or A3 size for whatever you may require – these are fully waterproofed and can be plain or fluorescent.

Miscellaneous Items

We can also produce the following items, Club Rule Books, Membership Cards, Judges Lists, Letterheads, Compliment Slips, Laminated Place Mats. However, if you need any other item printing that we have not listed – please ask – it may be that we have just not included it in the above items.

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